How to find Scrivener directly in the App Store, and for sure

Scrivener is floating up towards proper first place if you search for it’s name, but not quite close enough yet.

You can use the link Keith posted from iPad/iPhone Safari, and it will open up Scrivener’s page directly.


There’s even an easier way, though…just search in the App Store for simply ‘literature latte’. That’s the part others can’t copy…

And it’s great :wink:

I gotta say, though, Scrivener should clearly be first in the results for the search. The situation is as irritating as that little meeting of tiny minded people that’s happening on the shores of one of our Great Lakes, in a little town who’s name starts with a ‘c’, starring a guy who’s head is either on fire, or needs to be set afire.

Just my opinion.

I just used Keith’s link and installed it on the iPad with it no problem. Searching the App store and getting the poor imitation at the top of the list did get irritating though.

First impressions - well designed for my iPad although using it on an iPhone might be a different matter. Not tried the sync yet which may prove the Achilles heel but time will tell.

Congrats though to Keith and the gang for getting it through the door after all the trials and tribulations.

It was top of the search results for me, just downloaded it.

Yeah, that is slightly annoying that an app with “Scrivener” in its meta-data would come higher than an app called Scrivener, but hopefully we’ll get top spot soon. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to drop a review when you get a chance. That should help float the one true Scrivener to the top.

^^^^^^ (What he said)

In which app stores is the app available? More concretely, is it available in the Macedonian store?

Congratulations on completing this stage of the journey. I’ve been using and enjoying the app today, and I would write more with it if it wasn’t already midnight where I am. I’m looking forward to getting back to work with it tomorrow, but before going to bed, I posted a review. That app store search thing was pretty annoying. How could an app called “Scrivener” not turn up closer to the top? No wonder developers get frustrated with the app store! But, I predict this will be at the top in a few minutes or hours, because it is beautifully done, and Scrivener has a lot of fans out there who have been looking forward to this day for a long time.

Keep up the good work!

Yup. Just had another look and it’s moved up pretty rapidly.