How to find the number of words in a chapter divided by numerous scenes?

I am a brand new user. I can see the number of pages for each scene within a chapter. But then I cannot find the number of words for an entire chapter. How do I find that total number? Thanks

The following two things work together:

  1. The bottom of the Editor area shows you the word count of whatever text is currently showing in the Editor pane (unless you have text selected there, of course).

  2. Scrivenings Mode can be used to show as much or little of your whole text as you want all together in the Editor pane as one continuous piece of text.

For example, you can use Scrivenings Mode to show the text of a whole folder of text documents in the Editor pane (simply by clicking on the folder in the Binder), or show all the text of some arbitrarily selected docs in the Binder. You can select the Draft folder in the Binder and the text of your whole novel will show in the Editor pane.

In this way, the simple word count at the bottom of the Editor pane can give you the word count of any chunk you want.

p.s. There are other facilities having to do with word count that you might avail yoruself of as well, of course. For example, in the Outliner, you can enable a Total Word count column which will show you word counts of folders (which might, for example, represent a chapter. Etc.

But your questions suggested to me that you do not yet know about Scriveneings Mode, and as that is one of the most delightful features of Scrivener, you should learn about that!

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