How to get Chapter titles and numbers to show up in Compile for ePub

I am using Scrivener 3 and compiling for ePub on OS Mac. Right now my Chapter is showing up as Chapter One, Chapter Two, and so on. I would like it to just show the chapter heading as One and then below, the title (which I named each chapter folder in the binder). When I go to the Section Layouts, I’m not sure what to select or change to get this desired result. Can anyone help me?

The desired result would look like this:

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing


Try this:
Double-click on some layout to get to the formatting page.
Choose Section Layouts on the left.
Choose the layout you want to change.
Go to the Title Options page.
You will probably see: Chapter <$t:chapter> ¶
Remove the "Chapter " but leave the rest.

This won’t change what you see while you’re editing, just what you get when you compile.

Perfect!!! You are awesome.