How to get rid of "Backup" projects?

I’d like to get rid of all the “Backup” projects in my Scrivener folder, by moving them to another folder, so I don’t have to page through all of them in my project list. But whenever I do that, the next time I sync iOS Scrivener it just recreates them!

Is there some way to make it stop recreating these Backup projects, or at least put them in another folder?

On the desktop version, look at the Preferences (or Tools) -> Backups tab to see the automatic backup location. Change this to a location that isn’t the folder used to synchronize with the iOS version.


In the desktop app “Backups” option, the backups location is already set to


Which, apart from not being the Dropbox folder I use to synchronize my projects, is completely outside of my Dropbox folder altogether.

Yet whenever I sync iOS Scrivener, I get all these .scriv files named “[existing filename] Backup.scriv” added to my Dropbox Scrivener folder. Which I then have to page through on my iOS app’s file list when I’m looking for the real ones.

I’d appreciate if this could be stopped.

Look in the Dropbox folder via Windows Explorer on the desktop system. Drag any backup .scriv folders you find to a different location, outside of Dropbox. Resynchronize both the desktop and the iOS device. Does that get rid of them?

Are you running any third-party backup software that might be looking inside the Dropbox folder?


How do I resynchronize the desktop? Am I supposed to open every one of my 30 or so Scrivener projects one at a time and tap “sync” on it?

Anyway, as I said in my first post, I already tried moving all the “Backup” projects out of my Dropbox Scrivener directory. But I went ahead and tried it again, and it seems to have stuck this time. Fingers crossed, anyway…

The Dropbox application should synchronize changes on the desktop automatically, but make sure that it’s finished doing so before you open the iOS version.