How to get Scrivener updates on new Windows user account

Hi, I’m having problems getting Scrivener updates. The Windows user account that I originally downloaded Scrivener to is no longer in use as it corrupted. Naturally, I’d like to get the updates on my new user account. Any ideas?

If Scrivener was installed to Program Files, it should be accessible to all your accounts on the machine; you’ll need to re-enter your licence information, which you can get from the receipt emailed to you when you purchased Scrivener before. If it was installed as a standard user just into that user’s Documents folder or such, and the account is inaccessible, it’s probably easiest just to re-download the installer from the site and install afresh on your new account, then register and activate with your original serial name and number. Scrivener’s default settings are to check daily for updates when launching the program, and you can adjust this in the General tab of Tools > Options.