How to get smart quotes on copied text?

I copied and pasted a lot of text when I first started this particular project. None of it now has smart quotes; it all has straight quotes (and double-dashes instead of em-dashes, three periods instead of ellipses, etc.). Is there any way to easily correct this throughout the whole project? Thanks!

Did you try this?
In Scrivener, select the text you want to change.
Use the command Format: Convert: Quotes to Smart Quotes.

Just a tip: publishers don’t like smart quotes and often want them converted to straight.
If you are e-publishing, they may be OK but will sometimes effect spacing.

Finally, there’s a free utility from DevonTechnologies called WordService.
It cleans up all kinds of formatting issues, including straight or so-called smart quotes.

Thanks! I swear I looked for that before posting…

That, along with project search & replace, did the trick for me.