How to get yellow on blue full screen?

I have the new beta and I am trying to set up the full screen view to emulate the old WordPerfect and early MSWord yellow text on a blue background look.

I can get the blue background but none of the pop up choices seem to allow me to change the colour of the text which remains black.

Where am I going wrong?

Rick Grant

Are you not going to Tools -> Options -> Appearance and then under the Colors area Fullscreen -> Text?

I’m not sure what pop-up options you’re talking about so if you could clarify, we might all be better able to help you.

Assuming you’re changing the text color for full screen as Spitfire described above, the problem might be that the text is specifically colored black in the document you’re viewing. The text color overrides from the Appearance menu only color text that has no color applied to it, but if you copied in your text from another program or if you’re using one of the templates that hasn’t been updated yet, the text might’ve come in as black. Try selecting it all in the editor and then choosing Format>Font>Text Color>Remove Color and then viewing it in full screen.

That was it. Thank you very much. I would never have realized that. In my specific case I was trying to change the tutorial script.

It all works nicely now.

Rick Grant

Great, glad it’s working now. I’m going through and making sure to clear the text color in the templates as I update them, but they weren’t all finished for 035 so you’ll still see this in all the script templates and most of the non-fiction ones.