How to go on searching the general search in a document?

After I have found a word with the search

and I click in the left panel on the item / one of the items containing it, what shortcut do I have to press to go on searching for the next occurunces / to jump to the next occurunces in that item (e.g. a document)?

Hello Biff.
As you have found, search brings up all of documents containing your search on the left in search results. There are probably other ways but I find that using search and then using the menu item Edit / Find is helpful. You can see the shortcut keys listed there.

Hello Argoed,

Thank you.

Yes, but that way I had to enter the search word again in a new mask instead of just go on searching with the already started search. It seems to be unnecessary effort and uncomfortable.

How do you mean Biff, just go on searching. The search feature should have highlighted ALL occasions of the text you have searched for. What is it that you are trying to achieve?

To search / find the word in the document / folder with the search option, not by manually searching it / scrolling up / down or so. So just to jumping to the next occurrence the way a search option does it.

Then just use Edit / Find. That does exactly what you are asking. Use it on an individual document or a folder set to scrivening. Type it in just the once, so you are not expending too much effort, and then click next. It will take you all the way through, jumping from one occurrence to the next. Sorry buddy, but you seem to just want to nit pick at what is an excellent system for searching and finding.

Sorry, I would think it actually does not.

No no, no reason to say sorry buddy boy. Thank you very much!

Maybe it’s the room temperature I.Q… that’s causing the problem?

Yes, good point, may be it is, buddy boy, so just turn up your heater a little bit more.

Hi Biff,

I know of no way in Scrivener to accomplish exactly what you want, but I am not aware of any other Windows tool that allows you to search across documents without taking further action, except perhaps for Excel’s Find All (but that’s after one has already selected the option All Sheets, which could be consider prior further action, I guess. :slight_smile: )

If you haven’t already done so, try employing Argoed’s good suggestion to leverage Scrivenings. For example, you could do something like this in the Tutorial:

  1. Ctrl-G, Ctrl-S to place the cursor in the Project Search field.
  2. Enter “trash” as the search term.
  3. Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy “trash” into the Windows clipboard. This will also engage Project Search.
  4. Move the cursor to the binder area (where the documents that contain the search term should now be listed) and select the first document Step 1: Beginnings
  5. Ctrl-A to select all documents
  6. Ctrl-F to bring up the document Find tool. Ctrl-V to paste “trash”
  7. Press enter to step through all of the documents containing “trash”

That seems like a lot of steps, but in practice it’s not. Because I’m used to working via Scrivener key strokes I can whip that together in a couple of seconds without even thinking about it. OneNote has a very decent Find system, but it can’t do that.

Maybe other users will have suggestions for other ways of accomplishing this.


Hello Jim.

Notepad++, PSPad and such do it quite good, I would say.

Ah yes, Scrivenings for searching. And using shortcuts and Argoed’s good idea. Step 1 to 6, yes, that works quite better, now.

Many thanks, Jim