How to have paragraphs within dialogue element?

I have tried searching for this on the forum here and through other searches, but I’m not finding any answer to it, and this is the only spot I can find to ask the question.

I’m using Scrivener and I’m trying to write a screenplay and I want to separate some of what my characters are saying into separate paragraphs, but I’ve tried cntl + enter, and shift + enter and neither of them allow me to have a single blank line and then continued dialogue.

I went into the element changing thing and I was able to change the tab after writing to dialogue, which moves the cursor down one line and lets me continue the dialogue there, but I’d like to have the option of writing a bit of dialogue, Hitting something like cntrl+ enter and being able to put a blank line in and then continue with the dialogue.

Is this possible at all?

SERIOUSLY??? Is there no way to separate a dialogue into paragraphs? Everything the characters say HAS to be all mashed up together in one super long paragraph???

God! Why isn’t this an intuitively handled situation like use control + enter and you get an empty line between dialogue paragraphs?!

EVERY SINGLE TIME I finally sit down to write, non-intuitive formatting issues take over everything and I spend all my time and energy looking for a solution to what should be the world’s simplest problem, and by the time I find a solution, I no longer have any interest in writing. I wrote this question last year, and still nobody has answered it. :frowning:

I’m so frustrated right now and all I want to know is how to do something that should be a really simple thing, but I can’t find the solution in any of my searches, and nobody answers questions here. :frowning:

I don’t have a copy of the old Windows version, but a quick test with Dialogue on the Windows Beta shows that the standard Line Break commands continues with the dialogue and any other element (you’ll have to press it twice to get the blank line). In other words, you create a break in the Dialogue paragraph in the same way you’d do it in any other paragraph in Scrivener.

On my Windows beta (through Parallels), the standard Line Break key is Alt-Shift-Enter (on the menu Insert > Break > Line Break. Have you tried that?



This is being doing my head in too but thanks to Brookter I’ve discovered the shortcut (so you don’t have to go through insert line break thing from drop down). You press Command, Option and Return. If you’re unfortunate enough to be using a pc keyboard with a Mac computer (me :frowning: ) it’s Alt, Windows button and Enter. Thanks all and happy writing