How to I do this (Working with extracts from long documents)


I have a question or a problem I cannot figure out how to deal with. Maybe some of you have a brilliant idea I haven’t came across myself - I hope so!

The problem is, that I have a number of long texts - about 100 - and I’m looking for specific themes in these texts. I have to find the themes by simply reading the text - it cannot be authorized (just in case someone would ask this question). The texts are in .docx-format and in pdf-format.

I do not, however, want to remove the themes from it’s context. I want to keep the text and the keep the theme within it, marked in some clever way.

Previously I have been using some CAQDAS-software (NVivo) but unfortunately it doesn’t work with anything but Windows.

How would you deal with such a task? Any suggestions are welcome!


If you’ve been using NVivo, try TAMS Analyser … Mac only and free, though you might have to convert the texts from .docx to RTF or text. If the PDFs were text-PDFs rather than image-PDFs, I guess it might work, but I don’t know, otherwise, same thing.


You might look at DevonThink Pro for this capability.
It will accept both docx and pdf files.
Then use tags to identify the themes, or else a scheme of highlight colors.
I’m not clear on what you mean by “it cannot be authorized”

DTP has excellent search, concordance, and other AI tools.
Plus you may copy item links and paste them into Scrivener documents.
Click on the link, and the relevant passage shows at once in DTP.
Finally there’s a discount for academic users.

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile: I’ll have a look at both.