How to IMPORT a Google document?

I do not have Dropbox. Don’t need another new file folder. Copy-Paste has me swimming in black or blue gunk. Save me. I urgently need a way to import from say, a google docs (which I can also view on phone), apple notes (which I can view and edit anywhere), OpenOffice (which isn’t such a hassle). How can you help to make me love scrivener more? Please. I purchased in 9/2017//updated-downloaded-PurchasedAgain in 11/2021. I want to be here, but I feel you tie the hands of those (ME) who don’t have much tech-savvy. Please save me. I’m learning but feel you give me too much information I need to cover before I can do anything. Too distracting. For today, I want to know how to IMPORT into my projects. Thank you.

Get the source application to export as RTF, Word, or plain text format. (Scrivener also supports a bunch of others, but those are probably the simplest.) Then import the result.

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Thanks for seeing me. I appreciate you for that. xo. But see what you just did? I’m asking about IMPORTING and you tell me about the source application for EXPORTING.
I need to know about exporting before I can import correctly? hmm…
So, LET’S SEE if I understand this: if that’s the case and I need to IMPORT something into Scrivener >> from my WEBSITE, then I need to have the source application ON MY WEBSITE FIRST. I’m just trying to understand. Is that what this means? Thanks, please see me again. I really want to get this right. Thank you.

I’ll bite once, to answer your specific question.

In Google Documents with a browser, open the document you wish to move into Scrivener. Menu → File → Download. Pick one format as (see @kewms suggestions). File will go to your ~\Downloads folder (by default). Open Scrivener project where you want to import the document. Menu: File->Import and pick that downloaded file.

There are other ways to get text from one to another app. That’s a standard feature of what Windows brought to the party starting in the 1980’s. Explore.

For more information and guidance for Scrivener importing, read Section 9.1 “File Import” of the Scrivener User Manual".

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The beauty of Scrivener is that you can start writing without much knowledge about the intricacies of the software. People write entire novels before getting to learn about Compiling it into an output document.
Basic use of folders, documents and subdocuments in the Binder suffices. And knowing how to write, of course.

After importing you’ll be free to write without much trouble…

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To rephrase what people have been saying to get google docs to Scrivener you first have to get it to your computer. So you download the google doc. when you download you decide the download format like RTF file. Downloading to your computer is the same as exporting. Once on your computer when you open scrivener you have a row of tabs like microsoft word does. Choose File> then Import> then file and navigate to file you downloaded and import.
Scrivener has many help resources with video tutorials on their learning and support page give you info in small pieces.
as well as a blog area with useful lessons you can look at
Antoni is right you can start simply and learn more technical and useful details along the way. The forums can be very helpful and people want to try and help.


Oh, my heart, RMS. That you came down to my level makes me want to cry. Thank you so much. I need to be spoken to as if I were 8 years old (something 8-year-olds would find insulting today, perhaps) I cannot thank you enough. I’m beginning to understand this thing. I need to export my document INTO the Scrivener project. Gosh, I will. Thanks so much for taking the time to teach me this in a way I think I understand.
I will look over Section 9.1 you suggested. I will not forget this. I bless you and wish you miracles. xoxo

AntoniDol, you speak truth. I’ve been writing on scrivener on and off since the end of 2017. Straight into a new project-- The basics and loved how beautiful the app works. But recently I’ve been trying to import things. copy paste brings the words in ok but the next day all that turns into the black sea. WTH… anyway, now after the blessing I just received from rms, you, kewms, and GoalieDad, I feel I can weather things better. I needed you guys. Glad I visited this forum. Thank you. I bless you and wish you miracles.

Such a good lesson I received tonight here. My heart sings. I appreciate you all for helping me in this task that has been weighing to heavy on my shoulders. Thank you. I appreciate you guys tons. Blessings and wishes that include miracles. xoxo

Scrivener has many help resources with video tutorials on their learning and support page give you info in small pieces. Thank you GoalieDad.xoxo

thank. to be pedantic for your learning and understanding, it is two steps.

  1. export (get the data out)
  2. import (get the data in)

all data exchanges (even copy/paste via clipboard) work that way.

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Scrivener can import the formats I listed. So you need to export from the source application into a format that Scrivener can read. Exactly how to do that will depend on the application.