How to import from Final draft and keep all settings including color of fonts

When I re-write my scripts I often chose different font colors when adding new parts. I am new to Scrivener and have used Final draft until now. So I would like to import my script from final draft and keep all of my font settings with the different font colors.
I would really appreciate some help.

Many thanks for taking the time!

I just tested this using FD 11 and Scrivener 3. An FDX file with font color changed from format menu will retain color when imported into Scrivener.

Are you locking pages and doing revisions in FD? That may not carry over to Scrivener.

Thank you for your reply!
I’m using FD 10 and have not locked any pages. I’m not an expert on FD either I’m sorry to say :slight_smile:
But the strange thing is that some of the colored text will transfer to Scrivener but the most part won’t.

I have now exported the final draft file to PDF and then I did a copy/paste into a new Scrivener project and this seems to work. But then instead some of the sentences is incomplete and words have moved around in a few places. This is extremely frustrating. I would be so grateful if I can get some help!

Thanks again for taking the time!

NOW I got it to work! 'm so happy :smiley:
Thanks for taking the time!

Glad it worked!

I recommend upgrading to Final Draft 11. It’s more stable, and the latest version always works better with later operating systems.

As I mentioned elswhere on the forum, I do all my planning in Scrivener, write scene pages in Final Draft 11, and then copy/paste the pages back into Scrivener screenplay pages. Also, after I compile my final script into an FDX file, I do final formatting cleanup and export to PDF from Final Draft. It just works out better that way.


Hi Thanks for your post
I have both FD11 and Scrivener. I was wondering if you would mind elaborating on your complete workflow. I am not an expert with FD either.
I like Scrivener as its such a good organizational tool. It reads from your post that you don’t actually write your Screenplay in Scrivener though.
Any help GREATLY appreciated :slight_smile: