How to include Creative Commons license at compile time?

I’ll admit, I haven’t looked too much into how it could be done on my own, but I’m writing for my classes right now. :smiley:

Is there some way that Scrivener could be set up to include a Creative Commons license (per project, ideally) at compile time? Sure, I could manually add it as I do final DTP and layout, but I’d be interested in seeing if this could be done for some of the ebook and PDF final output formats, though Word would be awesome as well.

Anybody have an idea?

Typically this would be done on the copyright page, which you could create similar to any special page, like a title page (if you try starting with a template like general non-fiction, you should see some examples in the Draft, like “Title Page” and “Contents”). You’ll probably want it to generate a page break before it, in the Inspector, and also “Compile As-Is” so that the formatting stays put. Then you’re free to paste in whatever legal details you need.

For e-books, there may be some guidelines on the Web for which meta-data fields (set up in Compile) are best to use for CC projects. Scrivener may not have all of them, but it is easy to add more in Sigil, after you compile. I would imagine that the “Rights” meta-data field, which is provided in Scrivener, would be the best place to put it, but like I say, you should probably look that up.

Check out the Novel in a Day books at
Those are all released under a Creative Commons licence
(in this case a don’t change it and don’t sell it version).

For the avoidance of doubt, you don’t need to include the whole licence as the people at CC will give you a shorthand name for the licence as well a quick text version of the rights and a link to direct people to if they need the full legal version. You can see this approach taken in the NiaD books mentioned above on their copyright pages.