How to insert a block quote at the beginning of a chapter.

For instance, if the following were all centered into the middle of the page, how would I get the text below Chapter One to be set as a block quote?

Chapter One

Rainbow Glow
“A rainbow is always a pretty thing to see…”


There isn’t a set way of doing this, but rather a bunch of tools that could be used, where the best to use will depend on how you work. For example, if when you compile you are not overriding the text formatting (what you see in the text editor is how it outputs when you compile), then you could probably just put this quote right in the text, either in its own document, or at the top of the first document for the chapter, formatted as you need it to be. If you are overriding text format, then the Format/Formatting/Preserve Formatting command is what you want. Select the entire quote, all of the text that should be preserved, used this command and now it won’t be overridden. We actually have an example of that in the built-in presets we provide, the block quote essay format preset. You may want to start with that, change the look as you need using the editor formatting tools, then update or create a new preset from these changes (all done in that Format/Formatting sub-menu).

There are other tricks as well. For example putting the epigraph in a chapter folder’s text field (rather than in any text files nested beneath that folder). You can then, in the Formatting compile option pane, enable folder text and even style it different from the rest of the text. That’s a slightly more advanced approach, but one advantage of it is that since it is in your folder text instead of the first scene or section of the chapter, if that is moved, you don’t have to go in and remember to cut and paste the epigraph to whatever is now occupying the top slot in the folder, if that makes sense. Putting the epigraph in its own document could also accomplish that. I myself use the folder trick for the epigraphs in the user manual.