How to insert my signature?

I use an iPad Mini 2 and an iPhone 7. I do not have a laptop or a desktop. I use the app as a stand-alone item.

(I don’t know if it will make any difference, but my iPad mini 2 is about 7 years old and sometimes does not allow a touch-screen response, but sometimes it does - depends on what I am asking it to try and do.)

I would like to insert my signature into a document on Scrivener. Is it possible on the app-only? If so, I would be grateful for some help. Thank you.

Do you mean a “handwritten” signature? If so, I don’t believe you can do this directly, though I’m ready to be proved wrong. Some years ago I used a graphics program and “wrote” my signature (you could probably do it on your phone using your finger), and saved that as a graphics file that I can insert into various documents when I need to. Have a look on the app store for simple graphics programs. There are probably loads of them.

My electronic signature is a lot better than my real one these days …

Hi. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I was looking at how to insert my handwritten signature. Not to worry, it was worth asking. By the way, I see you are in Cambridge - I live near Huntingdon. Small world, eh?

It has seemed much bigger over the past year or so … And don’t give up on the idea of signatures. Plenty can be achieved with a little ingenuity.

Do a nice signature on a piece of paper, photograph it with your iPad, crop it and size it appropriately, then insert it into any document. I did that nearly 20 years ago—I scanned it rather than photographed it as it was long before smart phones existed!—and have used it ever since. I ought to redo it, but for various reasons, I can barely hand-write now.

And I’ve travelled the world, but still found evidence of how small it is! Though as Martin says, current circumstances make it seem much bigger.



You could actually create a vector graphic signature and use an .eps file, I think. If it works suitably, it might give you a cleaner look.

Absolutely; mine is an EPS. But the OP only has an iPad and no computer, So creating a vector signature would depend on what apps she’s got, etc.



Elsewhere on the forums the original poster stated that she is not very knowledgeable about software and computing, and pleaded for tolerance (she stated that she had not known what iOS was, and had been flamed for displaying this lack of understanding). So I deliberately tried to offer the simplest suggestion I could think of. Vector graphics is a good suggestion if you know what they are. But perhaps not in this instance.


Again, can’t agree more, which is why I suggested taking a photo of her signature on paper. I did assume that she would be familiar with the photos app on her iPad (and maybe iPhone) …



I’m going to have to up my game. Still using the bitmap sig I scanned eons ago!