how to install the legal version after deleting the illegal one

Dearl all who can hellp. I bought windows scrivener two days ago Dec,12. My friend recommend Scrivener for me, and help install one each in my laptop and desktop, I tried, and found it is really a very good writing tool , so I bought one. After I uninstall the old ones, and install the news one, unfortunately, when I input my username and seirial number, some sentences jumped saying my serial number is illegal. I think the old one that my friend installed must be illegal that cause my failure to use it. Scrivener company will send me a new serial number, what I am worried is that the already-unistalled old one will cause the same problem. hope I can get help soon! Thanks a lot!

I just read some posts here, and found some posts say the same Serial number can only be used under one roof (housedhod unlimted) if you want install it in several computers. Maybe the problem I just post is because I carried my laptop to school library, I think the scrivener rule is not that flexible, sometimes i study at home, sometimes i studies at library, why not permit one seiral number used in two comptures( one is desktop, the other is laptop?), so the user can write anywhere they like?

The part about everyone using the same license living under one roof is only enforced by the honor system. Separate from that, moving your laptop outside of your house will not affect the license key. I have installed my Scrivener license on four different macs (two have since gone to the scrap heap), and my laptop travels with me everywhere I go (to coffee shopts, libraries, my workplace, across the country…), and there’s never an issue.

I would contact support directly at their address on the main site:

As rdale said, your serial number is portable to multiple computers, and Scrivener doesn’t check your physical location.

Please contact tech support for this. We’ll need information like your license number; probably best not to address in a public forum.


good news!thanks a lot!