How to integrate a better dictionary?

The German dictionary is useless (much too few entries, so most of the words marked as “wrong” are actually right).

There is sources for better dictionaries, however. Is there any way to make Scrivener’s spelling module Hunspell or its predecessor MySpell format an otherwise available dictionary in a way that Scrivener just accepts it as my german dictionary?

Or will brute-force copying thousands of lines into the editor window for “my personal dictionary” do the trick?
I would appreciate any help on the matter, as a writing software with such a glaringly oversight is severely slowing down parts of the writing process…
thanks for reading!

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See this thread: Enhanced Windows dictionary options?

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Thanks for your reply. The thread you linked to does itself link to instructions in another thread. My problem is that I already did that. I downloaded a dictionary, renamed the previous files, gave the new file the name the dictionary had before and then Scrivener complained that it had no dictionary.

So, I am thinking I need to either convert the one I have before pasting it into the dictionary folder to a Hunspell format or find a German dictionary that has the right format. Do Hunspell dictionaries always consist of two files, btw? I have no .AFF file so far.

So, right now, I am at the same point I was at when I posted my question or I am missing something obvious, in which case: sorry, can someone explain?

Ok further non-progress:

I replaced the .AFF and .dic files with two corresponding publically available files for a German dictionary. Scrivener does not recognize them and immediately complains about the dictionary gone missing.

Has anyone successfully replaced any dictionary in Scrivener and could help me out with this?

Does this post help? Tutorial: How to update dictionary files


I always missed the hyphen/underscore difference and edited it and it works, now! Thanks very much for your patience!