How to "jump" to a Scrivening instead of corkboard?

Dumb question, but just wondering if there’s a keyboard shortcut or preference to enable this.

I constantly find myself clicking a bunch of different documents in the Binder in hopes of getting the text of all of them in the main winder as a Scrivening. Instead, I get the corkboard, and I then to have to click the Edit Scrivening button to get what I want.

Is there a way to do this?

Check the Navigation preferences, and you’ll probably find a combination of options that suits you. It sounds like you want Scrivener to act much in the way I prefer, so I’ll share my settings. I have the first two options checked, and the fourth choice for folder viewing which forces folders to open in Edit Scrivenings mode. I also have “Treat all documents with children as folders”, which will make document stacks act like folders when you click on them, opening in E.S. as well.

Thanks for posting this. There are so many options in Scrivener (that’s a good thing) that sometimes I overlook a nifty mod like this. Your prefs work great for me!

This is only halfway helping me. Setting all those settings as recommended allows me to click on a folder and immediately get all the sections underneath to show up in a Scrivening. That is great. But I then must click “Corkboard” (a second keystroke) to switch to Corkboard. I guess “Alt+clicking on the folder” doesn’t open Corkboard.

Also, I’m still stuck with the problem of selecting a few sections taking me to the Corkboard, when I want that operation to take me to the Scrivening view. Isn’t there someway to set that as the default?

I don’t understand the program ALWAYS switching to Corkboard when more than one section is selected in the binder. Isn’t there SOME way to make that default switching to Edit Scrivenings of the selected items?

No, currently selecting multiple documents in the binder does indeed always open it in corkboard mode. It’s just a limitation of version 1.x. All of this has been radically overhauled for 2.0 following user feedback and my own use. You have to remember that the way documents, Edit Scrivenings, the corkboard and the outliner all work together is fairly unique to Scrivener, and I admit I didn’t get everything right first time around. A lot of thought has gone into making this more intuitive in 2.0. You’ll no longer have to fiddle with the preferences, for instance - there will just be a segment control in the toolbar. Selecting multiple documents in the binder in 2.0 will open in whatever mode is selected in that control. Trust me, I have worked hard to improve this, I know 1.x is far from perfect in this regard!

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