How to keep documents from opening at bottom of page.

I am inquiring about how you go about from stopping scrivener on iOS from opening documents at the bottom of the page. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you so much I’m advance.

Is there way to fix scrivener opening documents at the bottom? Thanks in advance.

Sorry to say, I can’t think of why it would do that, that since it is designed to open the editor wherever you tap with your finger. If you want to insert a word in the middle, you just point at the place you want to insert it. But maybe I don’t understand—what’s a “page” in this case?

The “page” is the selected document. When I open scrivener opens at the bottom of the document.
Hope this clarifies my choice of wording.

Thanks for the clarification. Is this something you see in every project? I would try in the tutorial as well. The way it should work by the way, is returning you roughly to where you were the last time you viewed the text. If you scroll to the bottom, that is where it will load up the next time, if you scroll the middle, it should be in the middle.

I’m experiencing the same issue in 2023 with the latest Scrivener. Everytime I open a “document” it opens at the bottom. Has this been resolved yet?

There was never any insight into what was happening, unfortunately, so nothing was identified as needing to be fixed, nor if it was expected behaviour, how to avoid it.

If you have any further details you could share that would be very helpful. For example, explaining how I can see this result in the tutorial project, from initially opening it, to where and what I need to click on.