How to keep Quick Reference Panel open while working in other Apps?

I frequently open a Scrivener text file in a Quick Reference Panel so that I can make notes while reading in another app. For example, I like to be able to read from a PDF in Preview, and have the Quick Reference Panel open next to it.
I can see both the Preview window and Scrivener’s Quick Reference panel on the screen at the same time. However whenever write in the Quick Reference Panel and then click back into the Preview App, the Quick Reference Panel becomes hidden.
I have Window>Float Quick Reference Panels checked.
Cannot figure out why this is happening. I can easily have multiple windows from two or more other apps open and visible on the screen at the same time.

If I change my Scrivener Layout to Editor Only, I can keep both windows open at the same time, but then I have to switch Layouts back and forth when I want to work on another section of my project.

Please advise. Thank you…


It works under windows if you make Scrivener itself narrow (with its own space that is not shared with the other app) and then have the QR share the screen space with the other app.
(Actually, after further messing around: it works kind of no matter what, under windows. As long as the QR has its own space. So I guess that top part of my post is quite useless…)

Else, the Scratchpad is actually intended for that.

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What about locking the two windows side by side, basically each maximised (as opposed to floating) to half the screen.
In Windows it’s a matter of mouse dragging the Title Bar of a window to the left or right. A transparent outline appears and you unclick your mouse to snap it in place. Then you’re presented with available open windows to lock on the opposite side. You select one and it snaps in place.
In Windows 11, they’ve added a host of panel choices by converting the Minimise/Restore control button to a Snap Panels button you hover over and make your selection. The old way still works.
Mac works differently but I know the functionality is there, though the names and processes are not known to me.

It would be nice if all Scrivener windows could float above all others. This would have to be done in Scrivener. Each app defines itself which windows float and how.

Unfortunately, only the main Scrivener window can float above all other windows of each app. The QRP can only float above the main window in Scrivener itself.

If you want any window of any app to float over any other window, then you need an additional app that can control windows of other apps. There are not many apps for the Mac that do this well. In my opinion BetterTouchTool (BTT) works the best.

I use Magnet, a small app, to help me arrange windows. Other little apps exist and can be found via interweb search on in the App store.

I keep saying, why float little windows when you can so easily lock the QRP.

This took all of 2 seconds.