how to keyword search

OK, not getting the keyword search function, i have watched youtube viseos on it and still, wat i do not working…so i added a characters name for a key word to the list of words and it does not find it in 6 chapters, i give up…is there an easy explanation somewhere?


Assuming by “the list of words”, you mean the Project/Project Keywords menu command, then it sounds like all you’ve done is created the keyword. The next step is to assign it to the sections you wish to tag with that keyword. This can be done with drag and drop: try dragging the character name from that list onto the chapter in the binder, and then click the “Search” button. You should see the chapter pop up in the list. If you want to add the keyword to dozens of items at once, select them first and then drop the keyword on any of the selected items.

The other way is to add it from the document itself, using the Inspector. Click on the blue ‘i’ button on the main toolbar (or press Shift-Ctrl-I) and then click on the key tab at the top of that panel. Assigned keywords can be displayed and edited in the lower half of the pane. This is another place where you can drag keywords from the project list. If you end up using a lot of keywords, that panel can come in pretty handy, even to the point of just leaving it open.