How to let windows scrivener file transfer to IOS version ? urgent ....

Dear all :
I just give up all of windows and trasfer all of my device to apple . So please let me know how to let windows version of all of documents running in apple device . like iphone , ipad , ,Mac , . Then I can keep my work contunusly
I am waiting on line … thanks .

Am I correct in thinking that you’re in China? What version of Scrivener have you been using on Windows? Which version of MacOS, which version of Scrivener are you using on your Mac?

Do you have a VPN?


If you are moving all Scrivener documents to iPad and not using Windows any more, then it would be easiest to plug the iPad into the PC and use iTunes to copy all of the files quickly.

For the Mac, I use a USB stick with the format set to ExFAT, which both Windows and Mac can read. External hard drives can also be used, but I think FAT32 is the better format for large drives.

so that meaning just copy windows format file to ipad without any changing ?

Not need VPN , I used USA account and download IOS version in my new ipad and Iphone 12 . but seems cannot open the windows format I saved before .

With Scrivener projects, you can open them on the Mac and iOS even if they were made with Windows. No need to change it. On the Mac, it will need to upgrade the format because it is newer. Once you do that, it will not open in the older Windows version, but iOS can read both formats.

If you are getting an error, perhaps the whole project was not copied. This is a common mistake, the project is a folder that has a name ending in “.scriv”. You must copy that entire folder and all of its contents. On a Mac, this folder will look like just like a file once you have Scrivener installed.

thank you very much , I will use ituns copy again.

according your suggestion , now all of documents working soothly . very good . thanks :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Glad to hear it is working now! Have fun with the new devices.