How to locate current document in binder window


I’m pretty sure my question has been asked before but I am uncertain under which wording to search. I am editing my manuscript and doing this in multiple sessions. When I reopen Scrivener, I am presented the last document I was working on. I may have scrolled the binder window to some particular subfolder. How do I know where the current document I have open is located? In Scrivener for IOS I can click on top of the document and the title works as a breadcrumb, showing me where I am in the binder window. In Scrivener for Mac there must be some similar way, but don’t know where.

For me, in the binder, the name of the current document is shown in a grey color. Even if I navigate by scrolling a different view of the binder, the selected document remains until such time as I selection another.

Screen shot what you show?

Thanks for your prompt reply. In fact I found what I was looking for. If I right click on the document title, I have the option I was looking for: Reveal in Binder. For consistency sake, it would be a good idea to get this by clicking on the title, just as happens in Scrivener for IOS.

On the Mac and PC, clicking on the title puts the cursor into the title field so you can edit it directly. This behaviour predates the iOS behaviour, so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to change it like that. The icon itself already has existing behaviours as well: you can drag it which acts as a proxy for dragging the item from the binder, and double-clicking opens the current item in a Quick Reference window.

It is worth noting though that right-click in only one way, there is a command in the main Navigation menu with a corresponding shortcut.

Click in the text, and ⇧⌘R shows the Binder location.

Not at my machine, it doesn’t … but a 3-finger click on the touchpad does.