How to lose text in 5 easy steps

I inadvertently did the following in a text editor. The cursor was in the second sentence:

  • type CTRL-K
    click in the editor, then type
    type any character

You now have the original text up to the cursor in the original document. Everything past that is gone. The new text document only contains the character you last typed with no way to recover what was split off.

I think I was trying to split the chapter and add new paragraphs, then changed my mind, which is how the sequence was typed.

Luckily I am still testing out Scrivener and I had the chapter in my word processor so I could copy/paste and was able to fully recover. Scary moment though.

Hi LitGuy,

Ack, so sorry you got hit with this bug! Lee has fixed this for the next release, the public beta of which will be available for download in a few days. I definitely recommend grabbing that when it’s available since it will have a number of bug fixes as well as new features you’ll be able to test out. Thanks for giving Scrivener a try–I hope you’ll enjoy using it despite this initial trauma!