How to make a template out of half sheet of paper

I am hoping that I properly explain what I am trying to do and hope the solution is simple. Currently, I have set up in pages a template that takes an 8.5 by 11 sheet using prorate mode and divides in in half so that I can put the exact info on both sides then print it and then cut the sheet in half and I have two copies of the same thing. Here is what it looks like . I am trying to do this same thing in scrivener and save it as a template so that I have all my information in one spot as this is an outline that I give to people to follow along. So right now I have done this using tables but it seems tedious addtionally I cant get the formattin right for instance I cant get the titles centered so I am wondering if there is a simpler more efficient way to do this or not? I would appreciate any help I can get I am new to scrivener and I have gone through the guide thought maybe someone else has done something similar that could help me out. Thanks for your time.

Instead of trying to make Scrivener behave as a layout-savvy word processor (which it is bad at), consider this option:
If you can cut your paper precisely in half, so that a printer can feed the paper through without any issues, then define a custom page size on your printer, and in scrivener. Create a single outline in Scrivener, and then print as many copies as you need on your half-sized paper. Your template would then be a lot simpler and easier to manage in Scrivener.

Here’s a link for creating custom paper sizes on Mac OS X that I found on google:

You’ll probably have to tell Scrivener about that custom page size separately, but since I never bother with the page layout view, I’m afraid I don’t know where in the program to go to define that for your needs. Good luck!

Depending on what you need, it might also work to set the “Pages per sheet” to 2 in the Layout print settings.

Thanks I tried this and it will not work when I switch it to 2 per a sheet it changes orientation. Now I am going to try the above recommendation.

Thanks rdale. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to make that work either. I guess I am just going to have to stick with what I am doing for now which is export into rtf then copy and paste over into pages. Was hoping to have everything in one spot without having to do that but it does not seem like I am going to be able to figure that one out.