How to make every index card have a chapter header?

I’ve read the entire manual. Took me a full day. I’ve scoured this Forum. I’ve re-re-re-consulted the manual repeatedly.

I’m writing a novel in manuscript mode (is that right?), and I have four folders, one for each day the novel transpires over. But that doesn’t enter into chapter numbering.

Each folder has a dozen or so index cards, or whatever they’re called - I can’t read that manual again. Anyway, I want each index card, when I compile, to put “Chapter 1”, etc., at the top of the page.

That’s it. Easy as pie. But I’m confronted with the grid of checkboxes, buttons, more checkboxes, etc, and everything I think should work doesn’t. And forget about getting it to center on the page - that’s apparently way beyond me. This should be easy. It ain’t. I’m totally flummoxed. :cry:

So what info can I give you to explain what I’m trying to do? There’s “Levels” and +1’s and +2’s and it’s all just too much. The program is just way too complicated for someone who just wants to do something simple. If there isn’t a simple way to put chapter headings on, I’ll just type them in by hand and renumber at the end. I’m starting to think that’ll be easier than trying to decipher the byxantine “Compile” dialog.


Okay, if your document structure looks like this:

And you want the output to look like this:
Chapter 1
Text in Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Text in Chapter 2

Then in Compile, the big things to change are as follows.
Contents: uncheck the folders so they are not included in the output or assigned titles. However, keep checks next to the text files within those folders, like this:

Seperators: for now, set them all to page break. You can start playing with this once you get the basics down.

Formatting: Check Title and Text on all levels. Again, you can play with this.

Now, compile to RTF and take a look. Let me know if that helps.