How to make: leaders, dot leaders, or leader dots?

I initially posted this question in the hopes someone could quickly explain how to make Dot Leaders. I’ve since solved this—as best I could. Below is my solution.

Note: It appears Scrivener is unable to make actual leader ‘dots.’ With Scrivener they would be more appropriately titled: leader dashes. To solve this, the software engineers need to add a Period-style dot in: Format > Font > Underline > [New Font Format Here]

Any idea why it’s doing this? Dark picture is the editor, light picture is as compiled.

  1. Although I find dark mode incredibly difficult to read, it looks to me as if you’ve extended the underline to include the numbers, so if you remove it there the numbers won’t be underlined in the exported version.

  2. Have you checked that there is a right tab at the margin in the compile format? I suspect there isn’t in which case the tab will take you to the start of the next line.

Hope that helps.



EDIT: looking again, not at the right margin, but where you want it—using a style would simplify all this :smiley:

For anyone reading this thread, see the link below for a solution…


I changed the page setup from Printer to Scrivener and changed the margins to 1 cm. That seems to have fixed it.