how to make lists documents in Binder hierarchical

I’m very new to Scrivener and despite having spent quite a bit of time with the User’s Manual I haven’t been able to figure out how to make the lists of documents in the “Draft” section of the Binder hierarchical — in other words I want to be able to subordinate several items to another, higher level one and then have the subordinated items disappear when I click on the arrow to the left of the higher level one. (I know how to make folders but even if I do that I can’t figure out how to put files inside the folder.)
Any help with this will be much appreciated.


Do you mean this?

Thank you, Brian, for your reply.
Yes, the actions demonstrated in the video you gave me a link to are exactly what I want to learn to do. However there is a problem: the top “bar” in the screen that appears in the video is not the same as what I see on my own screen. The first two icons, “Binder” and “Collections,” are the same but going to the right from there everything seems different. In particular I don’t have the four arrows that are used in the video to demonstrate the method of arranging the documents hierarchically. I’ve tried switching “views” but this doesn’t help.
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Hi Forrest

Right click the bar and choose Customise Toolbar, or click on View > Customise Toolbar.

You can then add the arrows / icons you need.

If I see Brian, I’ll pass on your thanks. :open_mouth:

Happy writing.

Thanks very much. That was easy — and solved my problem completely.



Happy writing, Forrest.

You might find the following keyboard shortcuts handy for navigating and manipulating the binder hierarchy (I find them by far the easiest way to do this once you’ve learnt them).

Changing the hierarchy
Use the cmd-ctl+arrow keys. (These only work when the item(s) are selected in the binder and the focus is in the binder.)

• Promote (move left) and demote move right) (cmd-ctl-left arrow / cmd-ctl-right arrow)
• Move selected item(s) up and down the hierarchy (cmd-ctl-up arrow / cmd-down-right arrow)

Move the Editor to next / previous document
Use the cmd+opt+up/down arrow keys. (These work on the currently selected document in the Editor. It doesn’t matter where the focus is – binder, inspector or even composition mode.)

For completeness, another handy shortcut is for when you have a split screen and the focus is in one of the Editors: cmd-opt-ctl-up and cmd-opt-ctl-down will scroll the other editor document up and down, which can be very useful in some circumstances.

(BTW: Keith Blount, the designer of Scrivener has done a very good job of providing sensible and well-grouped keyboard shortcuts. Eg. each of the inspector panels has its own shortcut based on cmd-opt-ctl+h/I/j/k/l/m/n – very handy. I wish other developers put as much thought into shortcuts.)