How to make opening chapter's first letter big?

Any ideas of the best/easiest way to make my chapter’s opening word’s first letter bigger than the rest?


This is new in the Windows version (and for ebooks only) – I don’t know yet how it works.
Still, the “New Pages” tab of the layout in a compile format would be where I’d first look.

BTW, what you ask for is called a “drop cap”.


Not seeing any options for PDF output.

I just searched the manual (MacOS) for “drop cap” and got zero result.


Ebook only, it would seem.

[EDIT] I just redid the search, this time for “drop-cap”, with a dash, but the only instance of it is the one in the above clip.

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Here is an excerpt from a previous discussion on implementing drop-caps:

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#3 didn’t show a " Add “first-letter” span style to first letter checkbox

Are you compiling an e-book?

That and PDF for a paperback/hard copy