How to make spell check un-ignore a word?


I had a word that I accidentally misspelled. I then wanted to quickly right-click and choose the correct spelling in the box that pops up, but by mistake I clicked the “Ignore spellcheck” right below the suggested word, and now I cannot find anywhere to make Scrivener “Un-ignore” the word.

It is not like when you make Scrivener learn a new word. Here it’s possible to just access the list of personal words and remove the word in question, but I can’t find a similar list of words that the spell check has been told to ignore.

Can anyone help me?

Open a project in Scrivener, then select File / Show Application Support Folder. The ignored words are in the [Ignore] section of file wordlists.ini (which is a text file that can be opened in any text editor).

I suggest you make a backup copy of it first so you can recover if you mess something up.

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Thank you! It worked perfectly!