How to make table of contents with links to the documents?

I fell in love with Scrivener in last year’s NaNoWriMo and now use it for everything. I haven’t done much compiling, so I don’t know where to start. I am trying to put my recipes on my Kindle as a personal document, not uploaded to amazon. In the past, I have used the compile as word document option (and then emailed the attachment to my Kindle’s email address), but am willing to try other formats if they are more compatible.

My recipes are held in only a few folders, and each document is a single recipe. I would like the TOC to link to each document. (and maybe each folder, but that part is optional). I would want to use the word doc format or maybe the kindle format or something similar, but not pdf, as it is not easy to enlarge the font on screen with pdfs.

Is this easily doable, or should I just get used to doing a search on my Kindle every time I want to find a recipe? Any help is greatly appreciated.

A table of contents is automatically generated during compile for the epub and mobi formats using the document titles, so all you need to do is ensure that you have each of your documents separated by a page break. This is done in the Separators section of compile; you’ll need to set the separator that matches the document types you have in the binder, e.g. if all your recipes are documents (rather than folders), set the Text/Text separator to “page break”. In this case, you’ll want to set nearly all of these to page break so you can have your folders appear as well. Folder/Folder is the only one that shouldn’t matter, but you might as well set it to page break too in case you have (or have in the future) folders back to back in the binder and still want them compiling and listed in the TOC.

Thank you so much. That was easy and worked perfectly.