How to make the page less wide?

The main editor page is too wide in my opinion, even when I’m writing a lot and it feels like I barely advanced or scratched the surface. I’d love to know if there is any way to narrow it down, so the text would be at the center of the screen.

I know there is an option to play around with the ruler, but I find that it’s not as good as I would like it to be, plus I have to set it up for every frickin section and article.

Found this
Which proves this is possible in the version 3. Is it possible in windows as well?

If not, when is version 3 finally coming out?
Thanks in advance! :smiley:

I believe it’s possible. Take a look at Tools->Options, and look for something about the editor (similar to the Main Editor screenshot in the thread you linked to). If that wasn’t available in version 1 for Windows, you will have to either make the Scrivener window itself narrower, or split the editor and adjust the one your writing in to be narrower while leaving the other one wider. Adjusting the width of the binder and inspector can also narrow down your editor, and also provide you with more area to display the various bits of info therein.

Do continue to avoid fiddling with the ruler; that can lead to oddities with the final compiled output if you are trying to compile some or all of your text “as-is” instead of changing it’s appearance via the compile settings.