How to Move a Bookmark from One Document (Folder) to Another Within the same Project

Is there an easy way to do this? (I realize I can copy the URL and then paste it elsewhere. But this is cumbersome. Furthermore, I lose my edited title for it.)


Could you clarify what you’re trying to do?

Are you trying to change the destination of the bookmark link? Or are you trying to make a Document Bookmark available to a different document?

Are you talking about Document Bookmarks or creating links from one document to another or moving a
link from one document to another or true URLs to an external source?

As @kewms asked, it’s important that you clarify because there are numerous possibilities, and your terminology appears to include more than one option.

Easy way is to pick destination file for a bookmark. Open the file as a QRP and open its bookmark option. Now go to file containing bookmark/bookmarks you want into it and they are added as bookmarks. Note these bookmarks are added as Document bookmarks and can drag from Project or Document Bookmarks into the Quick Reference Panel.

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I’m only a few days into scrivener. (Had to figure out what a QRP is!)
So being able to get very precise answers to my newbie (and fussy) questions is exceedingly helpful. Is keeping all my hairs attached to my head…

I have a bunch of basic scrivener articles on my author site. If sign up will alert you as add more.

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