How to move previously written notes down automatically as I add new ones..?

Does Scapple support this function…?

When I write new notes, they overlap with the ones already there. Is there a way to automatically drop current notes down as I add new ones…? Or does this have to be done manually by selecting and dragging down the entire board each time I add more notes…?
Many thanks.

To write a series of notes, I use the Notes -> New Stacked Note command, then drag them to the order I want when I’m done.

No, Scapple won’t automatically make room to keep notes from overlapping. If you want to put a series of notes in a spot that doesn’t have much room, it’s best to create a space for the new notes first.


Thanks Katherine

It’s useful to remember that the overall size of the board is much bigger than you see on the screen. Dragging with the mouse will only show you the space where there is text, plus a little bit. But if you step the Zoom setting out, the board will “expand” to fill the window. You can drop a new note wherever you like. (Though you may have to zoom back in to actually see your text.)