How to move to next instance of a search-resulst match?

When I type my search criteria into the search box, the results give me a “collection” of documents that contain the match. When I click one of the documents in that “collection”, I’m taken to the first instance of the search term, nicely highlighted. But then (a) how do I know if there are additional instances of the highlighted search term in that document? and (b) how do I get to the second (or third) highlighted instance of the search term?

I may be missing something obvious (wouldn’t be the first time), but I did check the manual and this forum for answers before posting.

Many thanks in advance…

  • Ken

Easiest way to jump directly to the next instance is to switch over to using the regular Find/Replace window, which will go through the loaded document in the editor. You can use this on multiple documents by selecting them from the Search Results collection and viewing them in Scrivenings, then using Ctrl+F to open the Find dialog, enter the text, and go through the documents. The upcoming 1.7 release has a shortcut to “Use selection for Find” which will load your selected text into the Find dialog and let you start stepping through without needing to open the dialog at all.

MM – thank you for the suggestion, which works just fine for me.