how to *not* include a document in Total Word/Progress count of folder it's part of?

I’m working on a large project in Scrivener and using Outline View to track Total Words, Total Target and Total Progress for all the various chapters in the project. Is there any way to have the Total Target for a folder only include some of the documents in the folder? (Specific example: I sometimes keep an “ideas” document in my chapter folders that I don’t want included in the Total Word or Total Progress counts. I have un-checked the Include in Compile button for this extra “ideas” document, but it still includes it in the Total Word count of the folder it’s part of.) Advice here would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Just a thought (I’m only an idiot newb) - have you considered moving the text of your “ideas” documents into their folders so that the folders become document/folders?

Alternatively, have you thought about putting your ideas in Document Notes (in the Inspector)? Thoughts and ideas as you write are the kinds of things that Document Notes are ideally suited for.