How to open Document offline or copy doc from Dropbox to On Device

I need to open document offline on my IPad Pro IOS Scrivener. How do I accomplish this since I travel and often lack online access.

Also, how can I copy Dropbox to Device on my iPad as a usable document.

A project on your iOS device is always “offline.” That is, you are editing a copy that is stored locally and is fully accessible whether you have internet access or not. (The exception being Research files imported as aliases, which are only accessible if the aliased location is.)

If your internet access is unreliable, I would recommend either disabling it completely or turning off automatic synchronization in iOS Scrivener until you have a stable connection again. There’ve been reports of weird results if a connection bounces up and down while Scrivener is trying to synchronize.

To move a project from the “Dropbox” to the “On this device” section of the iPad’s project list, tap the Edit button, select the project, and drag and drop. Note that this will remove the project from the Dropbox server.

If your question is about configuring synchronization between your iPad and Dropbox, see the Tutorial project in iOS Scrivener for details.