How to open existing project in dropbox

I can only see how to create a new Scriv project with ios. How do I open an existing Scriv file already saved in dropbox from my Mac.

I authorized dropbox. When trying to open from dropbox, there is no option to open with scriv for ios.

I find no mention in the tutorial. I already did the win and mac updates of scriv yesterday. Ios is 9.3.2.

You need to open the project in Scrivener (iOS). You will need to make sure your existing Scrivener (Mac/Win) projects are in the Dropbox folder you have selected.

I moved my existing projects to Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener (the recommended location), made a cup of coffee while dropbox synced thousands of files, and now I see my projects sitting ready in the initial Scrivener window.

Thanks. I will try that. Needs to be one of the first things mentioned in tutorial since all of us are ready to jump in.

Yes, this is the main flaw in the tutorial so far.