How to paste an image in the text

Hi all,

Am loving using Windows Version: Beta (894377) 64-bit - 13 Apr 2020!

How to I paste a copied picture from the internet into my Scriverner manuscript please?
When I press control-v all that appears is a little white page icon - not the picture that needs to go in the text!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Yours Faithfully

Top menu Edit / Insert then image from file and then right click on image to resize it is one way

Thanks for your prompt reply Argoed!

Is there anyway to do it just by using control-V to paste it from my clipboard?

Otherwise I have to save the picture and then insert it.

Would just like to be able to windows-shift-S to take the screen grab and then just press ctrl-V to directly paste the image without having to save it first…

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