how to PDF

I keep going back and forth between programs… and alas I am back to scriv.

Jer’s Writing Hut has a couple very nice things, one of which is almost implemented on Scriv

The margin notes are grand… and in Jer’s I can highlight a piece of text and choose to add it to the database. It will add it to wherever it is in the database or create a new category. Scriv has something close (thank you keith, and if you could implement fully that one… I’d love it) Now what Scriv has is close, highlight and then right click, and you will be able to add that piece of text to anything in the existing database. So I have to already have the character in the database, not the on the fly come up with an incidental and just add it to the incidental list of characters. What you have I can more or less use, and that is a good thing. After all I found a problem with Jer’s that is kind of serious. Copy and paste, don’t ask… lets just say it is ugly enough that I will probably reserve that program for very short pieces… as in very short pieces.

So I tried the rest of my proggies I got and this is the closest that came to that… but it is not that obvious… I found it since I knew I was looking for it, and I wanted it. (Yes, we all kind of get spoiled, and I will see how the copy and paste from there to scriv worked. I wasn’t ready to throw away 30K +words, at least not yet)

So here is the sugestion… and I know it is a bear and may require the help of some users… a how to PDF… kind of your technical manual… (just make sure it is written in English, or American… not too particular about the spelling there)

After all, anybody who has ever dealt with a technical manual knows they are a bear at times to understand… and I have had my brother in law, who used to write them, explain to me why at times they are written in… all but comprehensible (insert language here) to the end user.

Unless Im more senile than Im aware of, very, very recently, Im sure Ive seen reference to the fact that one of the crew has already done, just what you are requesting.
Doing a Scriv Search, however ignores PDF. so that wasn`t very helpful. :frowning:

I also read, quite some time ago, that, “All computer manuals, are written in Japanese, and then translated into English by a Fin.” :open_mouth:

Take care

A fellow user (also called Keith) was recently kind enough to convert the help manual into Japanese, and it can be downloaded here: … erHelp.pdf

Hopefully with the next update we will also be making the Help file available in PDF form in the downloads section…

As for technical manuals being incomprehensible… Most users and reviews say that they find Scrivener’s manual and Tutorial not to be so. Given that, as a self-taught programmer, I was originally trained in the humanities and literature, and that by day I was until only a month ago a primary school teacher, I hope that the documentation for Scrivener isn’t as prone to the incomprehensibility of many manuals, and that the technical jargon that is there is only that which is necessary.


Want a copy editor to keep you on the straight and narrow?

Also trained in the humanities, so my sin is PASSIVE voice…

We all have a sin… I know that.