how to perform block quotes

I am probably a bit stupid, but I just can’t figure out how to use Scrivener and be able to perform block quotes. My writing project requires a lot of block quotes, like this:


I am perfectly happy with the fact that I don’t need to make perfect formatting when I write in Scrivener, I like that about the program. I just don’t have a clue how to code or signal to the editor, or to myself even, so to distinguish the quote from all the other text. I have read the manual and tried to read the FAQ:s, but I can’t seem to figure this out, though I suppose it is very easy (everyone writing a dissertation must be using this feature all the time).

Thanks in advance for your patience and help.


Personally, when I’m writing research papers, I use screenwriting mode, only because of the block quotes. You can change the formatting of specific elements and change between them at will, which makes shifting back and forth between block quotes very simple. The Undergrad template in non-fiction is already preset to allow this. I used to use this template, but upgraded it to create MLA formatting upon compile and made it a template, which I posted here:


If you’re not doing MLA style, you should be able to adjust it to whatever style in which you’re writing and save your own template.

Thanks for the answer and the template, it looks great. But how did you accomplish that, I mean fixing a template with blockquotes after hitting enter and tab? I would prefer, if possible, to apply it to the document I am already working on.

You can change the document you’re working on to a “script” by pressing Ctrl-4. Then you can choose which of the script elements (by clicking the “General Text” box at the bottom right of the editor)you want to use for block quotes and format it appropriately.

If you can use MultiMarkdown then just add the greater-than sign > at the beginning of the selection you want included in the blockquote. The first carriage return (paragraph-ending) following the > ends the blockquote.

This does not work for me. I have to use two carriage return/paragraph breaks to end the blockquote.