How to pet a kitty!

From the very cool site The Oatmeal, by artist Matthew Inman:

[size=150]How to pet a kitty[/size]

If you like, you can also check out why some emails go unanswered.

The cat that wrote that, obviously knows what it’s talking about. :smiley:

I can’t help myself – it’s just soooo CUTE! – so here’s another one:

[size=150]Cat vs. Internet[/size]

I swear I’ll stop posting silly things after this one. :blush:
(Until the next time I post something silly, that is).

Perish the thought young Cady. :open_mouth: We intellectuals are relying on you to keep us human (in a manner of speaking, obviously).

When I first read this I was thinking of a bottle of wine, music, and a nice gift…

But then i read it and I really laughed. It reminded me of my cat “Sir Alex”

The portrayal of these cats reminds me a lot of the one in Simon’s Cat - every cat owner whom I show this is saying something in the lines of “haha, yeah, that’s just like my cat”.
In contrast to the oatmeal’s description, I rarely saw a cat use a flip chart, though.

I thought the cat would figure out that a Tweet was the only way to get Nerd’s attention.