How to Pinch to zoom..

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I often like to pinch-to-zoom in our out, to quickly make the document small, skim read it to find the spot I’m looking for and then zoom back into it. (i.e like in previews).

Currently I’ve made myself a work around:
Using Better Touch Tools, I mapped pinch to zoom to command+shift+, or . (to work in scrivener.)

Sort of get’s the job done. I can pinch to zoom exc… same as pressing the buttons in a way.

If technically doable and time permits, it would be nice to have it build in natively and so the zoom would be a fluent zoom, but my feeling tells it might not be available using the api used in scrivener…?

Not a demand, just something that would be nice to see some time in the future. :slight_smile:

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(Moved to Wish List.)


Pinch-to-zoom should already work with some file types in Scrivener, such as images and PDF files. It doesn’t work for the text itself, though. I don’t think it would be impossible to implement - and in fact it has been sitting on my “to do” list for a while - but before it can be implemented well, Scrivener needs a more flexible zoom feature. That is, currently you can choose to switch between different percentage zooms; on the list for 3.0 is to have arbitrary zoom factors. That would work better with a pinch-to-zoom feature. Even then, there are certain boring technical hurdles that make it nontrivial (the text system tends to get graphical artefacts at certain arbitrary zoom factors).

So, in short, this should hopefully be coming eventually, but only other improvements have been made to zoom to make it more feasible. (I tried implementing it some time ago with the current zoom code and it just cycled clumsily through the scales and it seemed a little too ugly to me; how are you finding it with your custom Touch Tools set-up?) You’ll also notice that not many other text-based applications implement this yet (I can’t find any, in fact, although there must be some), so it seems that other programs find it nontrivial for zooming editable text, too (whereas for static views of images and PDF files it is fairly trivial).

It’s on the list for scaling corkboard cards as well.

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It’s not perfect, but it get’s the job done. The work around sort of conflicts a little bit with the native PDF pinch to zoom. I.e I lose native smooth zooming and it’s replaced by the segment-type zoom. Bit of a trade off because I use both PDF and TXT zoom a lot.
It gets me by for now :slight_smile:

Yah, I’ve not seen an editor that does that either. Must be difficult to implement.

Hey Keith,

Any update on the pinch to zoom feature? I would really love to see this come to the system. In pages it is a delight to be able to zoom in and out seamlessly with a pinch on the touchpad.

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