How to preserve spaces in Dutch surnames when loading a Name List in the Name Generator?

Dutch names may look like this: van de Ven, van der Berg or: van der Velde.
Added to the Name Generator using a CSV-file, these names loose their spaces and become vanderVelde or: vanderBerg.

How can preserve the spaces in Dutch surnames in the Name Generator?

[EDIT] I’ve looked into this, hoping to create ‘double-barrelled’ names or two surnames, but the current Generator won’t have any of that.
Will placing ‘non-breaking spaces’ in the CSV-file work?
Actually, I think the Name Generator needs an extra property called “middlename”, with corresponding picklist and text field. This is a normal property in Dutch online forms and could benefit other country’s names as well.
That, or don’t remove spaces from surnames in the first place…

Keep up the good work :slight_smile: