how to purchase as a gift

Wondering if there is an option to purchase as a gift for someone? All that I see is download version which wouldnt work if it is associated with me the purchaser as I want to give it as a christmas present to a writer friend. Thanks

I don’t think there is a way. When I purchased it for my SO one year for Christmas, I printed out the email. :slight_smile:

I won NaNo and wanted to pass on my half price Scrivener as a birthday gift as I already had it. What I did was buy Scrivener using the winner’s code, but putting the name of my giftee in the relevant registration name part, but using everything else, including my email, as mine. Then I gave him the download link and the registration code written in a card. It worked perfectly and it comes up as in his name. The registered address is mine but I presume he could change that. However all the financial details etc were hidden.

I also gave a good friend in America an gift card for the exact amount of Scrivener with a note on it that that was what it was for, so that works too.

Yes I love Scrivener :smiley: .

Thanks for your interest in gifting Scrivener! As owl light said, you can purchase the licence code in your friend’s name. You can use whichever email you want, but you’ll probably prefer to keep it as your own so that it doesn’t spoil the surprise. :slight_smile: After you give the gift, we can update the email address associated with the licence. You can find full details here.