How to put a table in the center of the page.

E.g. I copied a table from word, which has 4 columns, and want to place it in the middle of the page, however I can not figure out how to operate it. It seems that there are no workout that can move the 4-coloumn table, it’s left border is always to the left margin of the document.

I wonder, such a powerful tool as Scrivener, how it happens that there is no way for it to put a table in the center!

Please give me a guide, thank you guys very much.

I’m sorry to say that there is no way of doing this. Scrivener uses Apple’s implementation of tables for the standard text system, which do not allow for this.

All the best,

Thanks for your professional confirmation, and sorry to hear that.
However I still do hope some improvements could be done in the future, wether you change you implementation, or some other methods, to make Scrivener better and perfect.