'How to' question: Dedicated icon for .sciv folders?

Hello! I’m New here and can’t find the answer to this.

Is there a way to automatically set all .scriv folders to display the scrivener icon in Windows directories of folders? It would be useful so that they ‘pop out’ when I’m browsing for files. Currently on my system .scriv folders show the same standard yellow folder icon as for all other Windows folders.

I realise there’s a way in windows to change an individual folder’s icon, but is there a way to set all .scriv folders automatically to display a chosen icon?

With thanks.

If you select medium, large or extra large icon in the View menu of Windows Explorer you should see the .xml Scrivener Icon (see example attached).

I’m afraid that if you use small icons, list or detail mode you’ll just see the yellow standard icon.
Scriv folder icon.PNG

Thanks. That explains it. I use the details view.