How to refer to parts, sections in Endnote

I understand I can use @ number to insert page number,.but how could I insert other details such as part, sec, para, etc,?

Within an endnote? I presume you would type these bibliographic details in, or be using some citation management software to help handle that detail for you—but I’m not quite sure what it is you are asking.

The topic here by the way is how to link to an endnote from within a footnote or vice versa (and incidentally it refers to macOS specific methods for doing so).

Yes. I am using Endnote. Sorry for the confusion. So when I refer to a provision or a section or a para, I should use sign other than @ I assume. is that right?

Sorry, I don’t know anything about how to use Endnote. I’ve split this off to a new thread with a topic line that might help others who do know find it.

if you’re on a Windows machine - let me suggest you take a closer look at Citavi :wink: