How to remap shortcut for "Paste and Match Style"?

I always use Paste and Match Style for moving text into Scrivener - not simple Paste. How do I change the awkward shift-option-Apple-V to be just Apple-V in Scivener - is there a way to re-map this shortcut key combo in Scrivener or System Preferences?

I use System Preferences to remap this to ⌘⇧V and it works fine:

Yes, System Preferences is the way to go. I remapped it so the one I use in 99 percent of the cases, Paste And Match Style, is ⌘V, and saved the awkward combination to the simple Paste. Works fine too.

that’s what I was expecting also, but I don’t see the same thing you see listed under the “Scrivener” line in App Shortcuts: Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.42.18 AM.PDF (73.7 KB)

You have to add the shortcut yourself. You have to type its name exactly as it appears in the menu. Just click on “Scrivener” and then click on the + sign to start adding your custom shortcut.

Here is a step-by-step guide on creating custom shortcuts.