How to remove hidden codes etc. from internet pages?

I have noticed rather often that in order to remove all hidden codes from downloaded (parts of) internet pages, it does not suffice to reformat the downloaded text by choosing Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.

After this conversion, at first sight often everyting seems OK. But when I then, for instance, try to transfer the reformatted text (or part of it) to some other document (or to the Document notes panel), the old formatting emerges again, deforming the text by dividing it in columns or in other ways.

How do I remove similar ‘hidden’ formatting from dowloaded text?

Not sure if this will work for everything you’re trying to filter, but have you tried the freeWordService from Devon? It installs a bunch of clean up commands in your Services menu. You select all the text in your doc (in whatever app, including Scriv), then go to Services => Format => Reformat. I use it several times per day and it’s always straightened everything out for me. You probably already know about just selecting all the text and applying your preferred style (not Default, of course) from the ruler’s style menu.